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Customer Reviews

“Very helpful and answered all my questions. The tech was pulling in my driveway when I turned up my street. Since then, they continue to answer questions in the store and at my residence. They can fix everything with my pool. Highly confident in their abilities.” –CJ Murray

“If you are a pool novice like me, this is your pool store! They are unbelievably patient and helpful. I provided a water sample and they told me exactly what I needed to fix my pool issue. When I tried to use my credit card to pay for my products, I was informed that they took cash or checks only. No problem! They set up an account for me in no time and away I went with my products! It’s great to find a business that still operates the good, old-fashioned way and is not focused on making a fast buck! I HIGHLY recommend.”  –Karen Oberlander

“I got a pool a few months ago and took a water sample to [Carolina Aqua Clear’s] Pool Store, which was conveniently located for me. They told me everything that I needed in order to get my pool right at this point in time. The employees were very nice and helpful, and the young lady even loaded the supplies into my truck due to my back problems.” –Greg Heusler

“Very knowledgeable and helpful. They go the extra mile to help you keep your own pool perfect.” –Michael Dellinger

“I love their pool store. I had no clue they were right in Surfside Beach. I needed chlorine for my pool and I went there and they took care of all of my pool needs. They’re so friendly as well – and they gave my dog a treat.” –Eva Ayala