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Chemical Management

Maintaining proper pool water chemistry is vital to the health of your pool – and the health and safety of your swimmers. 

Our CPO technicians at Carolina Aqua Clear will check your water balance up to twice a week if requested. A pool’s pH level should be between 7.2 and 7.6, and we will adjust it to be balanced into this window if needed. Needless to say, accurate testing methods and professional experience are required to adjust these test results.

We employ these testing methods:

  • Colorimetric: A test relying on color matching to determine the chemical balance of the water.
  • Titrimetric: This titration method tests the concentration of pool chemicals by using a standard concentration of a known reagent solution, or titrant.
  • Turbidimetric: The measurement of the number of particles floating in the water, causing light waves to scatter and giving pool water a cloudy appearance.

There may also be times when an additional shock treatment is necessary, such as:

  • After strong rain or wind storms
  • If foul-smelling water is detected
  • There are more swimmers in the pool than usual
  • When there have been extreme temperatures
  • If there appears to be algae growth, or murky, slimy water
  • If swimmers get out of the pool with burning, red eyes

The chemical management service packages we offer our residential and commercial clients include:

  • Clean and Balance – Twice a week, weekly, or twice a month
  • Chemical Only – Once a week or once a month

We also provide water testing in our store in Surfside Beach, which involves:

  • Performing a water analysis to establish your water quality
  • Assisting pool owners with the proper knowledge of water chemistry and adjustments
  • Troubleshooting issues relating to water and how to address them.
  • Helping novice pool owners on how to properly maintain water chemistry from start to finish

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