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Pool Maintenance

Regular pool maintenance goes hand in hand with the benefits of keeping your pool fresh, safe, clean, and pristine. Instead of spending countless hours maintaining your pool, let our certified professionals at Carolina Aqua Clear take over the daunting task for you with ease.

Not only will this increase your pool’s longevity, but it will also aid in avoiding future problems that come with a neglected pool and help in improving the overall appearance of your pool. A pool is a big investment, so a regular maintenance schedule is a smart move to keep it running and looking its best all the time.

If not, potential health and safety risks could result from contaminated water and germs. And not maintaining the pool’s pH balance could result in your family’s skin and eyes being irritated or serious pool injuries because of the acidity levels.

The maintenance services we provide include:

  • Testing the water and pH balance
  • Regularly cleaning the filter (monthly or as needed)
  • Cleaning the pump and skimmer baskets
  • Vacuuming the bottom of the pool
  • Skimming the pool water surface
  • Brushing the walls
  • Cleaning the tile

Your assigned pool maintenance technician will make sure you are completely satisfied after each visit and that your pool is getting the precise attention it needs. The overall cleanliness, safety, and condition of your pool are important to us! In addition to the regular maintenance services listed above, your pool tech will also monitor and check in on the wear and tear of equipment that may need to be repaired once in a while. Filters may also need to be replaced.

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