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Residential Pool Services

Owning a pool in your backyard oasis can be fun, but it’s also hard work! Our award-winning CPO technicians at Carolina Aqua Clear can take over the stress of cleaning and maintenance, so you can spend your days enjoying the cool pool waters under the South Carolina sunshine.

Our reliable professionals provide our residential clients:

Pool Cleaning & Maintenance: This includes vacuuming, wall brushing, netting, tile cleaning, basket cleaning, pool filter cleaning, and checking the water balance and chemistry.

Pool Chemistry Management: We will test and balance your pool’s pH and chemical levels. For best results, we advise scheduling us to regularly pool and maintain your pool.

Pool Repair: Our experienced repair technicians can fix or replace all brands of pool equipment. We’re also well-versed in the latest in energy-efficient equipment to cut costs on your utility bills.

Residential Service Packages:

  • Clean Only – Twice a week, weekly, or twice a month
  • Clean and Balance – Twice a week, weekly, or twice a month
  • Chemical Only – Once a week or once a month
  • Open and CloseOnce a year